The guiding green agenda for IX is simple: redevelop, reuse, access natural light wherever possible, use sustainable materials, maximize energy conservation, lush vegetation and pocket parks.

 Convenient to public transportation
 Redeveloped existing buildings and site
 Created courtyards and other seating areas for public use
 Planted scores of new trees and landscaped thousands of square feet that were previously
 Installed new reflective white TPO roof system
 Installed dual flush water closets used in tenant spaces
 Installed fluorescent lighting fixtures in common area and tenant spaces
 Recycled 140,730 lbs of scrap metal
 Recycled wood materials from demolished building on site for new common area picnic tables
 Recycled cardboard packaging, bottles and cans
 Reused window units from demolished building on site
 Installed floor leveler that contains recycled materials and is low VOC
 Installed locally-milled soapstone and slate
 Installed renewable cork flooring systems in common area and in tenant spaces
 Installed operable windows, skylights and ceiling fans in tenant spaces
 Implemented the use of low VOC-emitting paints
 Introduced daylight with installation of new storefronts, skylights, sun tubes and interior
   courtyards into existing buildings
 Installed interior glass to enhance and expand naturally lighted areas
 Removed hazardous electrical transformers on site
 Stormwater reuse
 Planting a rain garden to filter stormwater runoff
 Using this rain garden for educational purposes
 Increase pervious surface areas